Can you convert multi-currency files? | Jet Convert

Can you convert multi-currency files?

We are unable to accept files that use multi-currency.

With MYOB file, in some instances you may be able to turn off Multi-currency.

Turning off multi-currency in MYOB

If multi-currency has not been used in the file then there is a possibility that you may be able to turn off this feature and re-submit the file for conversion.

Criteria to remove multi-currency:

  • No transactions at all in the file using a foreign currency
  • No balances in any foreign currency accounts

To turn off multi-currency please follow the steps below:

1. Check any multi-currency accounts for a Balance. If $0 proceed to step 2. 
2. Delete currencies in the currency table. You can find currencies in the 'Lists' tab
Note: If you are unable to delete this currency as it is linked to an account you will need to unlink the relevant accounts. This message usually refers to either receivables and/or payable accounts associated with the currency. Once these links have been removed you will need to re-try to delete the currency.
3. Change any Foreign exchange accounts to AU currency.
4. Remove any foreign currency linked to your contacts.
5. Turn-off multi-currency in the file by un-ticking 'I deal with multiple currencies'.

Once the multi-currency has been successfully removed you can re-load your file for conversion at our website here

Please note that if a file contains multi-currency we are unable to offer certain premium conversion options and you will receive history for the current month only.

Third Party Solutions

FGH Tables can provide solutions to turn off Multi-currency for clients who wish to update from MYOB Premier to AccountRight 2016/2017. Jet Convert can convert MYOB and Accountright files. Note that AccountRight  does not provide multi-currency.  FGH Tables provide 3 levels of service.

  • Option A - If you have never used a foreign currency but are unable to switch off the preference, they can switch it off, allowing your file to be upgraded as it is. 
  • Option B - If you used foreign currencies in a prior year transactions only, (or if used in current year you will delete all and re-enter post upgrade) they can remove the foreign currency transactions from the prior years and switch off the preference in the file, allowing your file to be upgraded without the foreign currency transactions. 
  • Option C - If you have used foreign currencies in the current year (and/or prior years) and are unable to delete them, they can convert them to single currency transactions, and switch off the preference, allowing your file to be upgraded with all existing transactions.

Full details are at FGH Tables. We can convert files that have been updated by FGH Tables.