What is the monthly comparative balances option? | Jet Convert

What is the monthly comparative balances option?

MYOB lose the details of transactions in past years when the MYOB file is rolled. This means you may not be able to convert more years of transactions, but Jet has developed a great solution where, even if the MYOB file has been rolled, we can access monthly comparative data back further in the MYOB file.

The monthly comparative balances apply to both P&L and balance sheet accounts.

This is an optional premium service which you can add to the free conversion.

It is ideal for situations where you want to track business performance over a period of time or understand seasonality.

You will be advised how many years of monthly comparative balances you can receive on your service selection page.

Monthly comparative balances are not applied against tracking categories.

This service is available for all conversions except for Macintosh conversions.